Educating Generation Alpha

Sanjiv Goyal
4 min readJan 31, 2021

By Sanjiv Goyal Featuring Prith Banerjee

In this article you will learn about:

  • Problems With the Current Educational Structure
  • The Education System of Our Future
  • How Simulation and 3D Design Software Will Shape Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Global Tech Challenges

Computer Science Since Day One

The CTO of Ansys, a future-focused engineering simulation and 3D design software company, has been working in computer science since 1971.

Prith Banerjee has worked with computing infrastructures that started on mainframes, moved to client/server, transitioned to cloud computing, and are now on evolving again.

He has been front and center for tech innovation throughout his career. When he speaks about how far technology has come from the days of early computing you can feel his passion.

“At Ansys now we are working on simulations of ten billion or a hundred billion transistors on one chip.”

With a wealth of knowledge to impart about the technology of the future, his perspective on the biggest challenge we are facing may surprise you.

With all the innovations that cross his desk and the cutting edge technological advances he is privy to, his greatest challenge to engineers is to improve the education system.



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